15 September 2013

¡Viva México!

Mexican Independence Day

Long live the heroes that gave us the Fatherland!
Long live Hidalgo!
Long live Morelos!
Long live Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez!
Long live Allende!
Long live Galena and the Bravos!
Long live Aldama and Matamoros!
Long live National Independence!
Long Live Mexico! Long Live Mexico! Long Live Mexico!
(Shouted by Father Hidalgo, September 16, 1810 in the fight for Independence from Spain)

This is the "Grito," or the cry, of independence that is given in every city and town in Mexico on September 15th. In Monterrey it is at 11:00 p.m. in front of the Government Palace, followed by fireworks at 11:10 p.m. The real "Grito," given by the President of Mexico at 11:55 p.m. in Mexico City, is then televised around the country and shown on large-screen displays in the plazas.  

Government Palace Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico
Tonight's celebration here in Monterrey will be very challenging because Hurricane Ingrid is due to hit Mexico at about the same time as the "grito." As a result of nearly 10 days of straight rain in Monterrey, mild flooding has already begun creating challenges for drivers in several parts of the city. Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be the worst days for rain. Because Monday is a holiday, there is no school and few people are working--that will help, since the government has requested that driving be strictly on an emergency basis today and tomorrow. 

Earlier in the week, we went downtown to check out some of the Independence Day decorations and events. Here is a sampling:

¡Viva Mexico! with the pictures of the War of Independence heroes and heroines

Souvenirs everywhere!

Yummy Food!

Colorful taco stand and colorful clothes 
Crispy, warm churros bathed in sugar
Chips, or for more fun--cooked field corn with chile powder
Creative candy selling
Fruit art on a bicycle cart

Independence Day Color


¡Viva México! 

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