29 January 2014

Yikes, Snow!

Well, not real snow like in Alaska or Utah or Japan; but snow nonetheless. When we posted the last blog entry, we only thought we had seen our coldest day in Monterrey. (Mother Nature is such a tease!) This morning we awoke to 30 degrees F. (-3 C) and snow on the cars. None of the snow stuck to the roads, but they were slick and icy for several hours.

Blessings? Oh, yes.

  • Elder Chica from Colombia can now say he has seen snow.
  • Everyone stayed home because of the cold, so we had almost no traffic as we crossed town.
  • We can drink hot chocolate and eat soup again.
  • Señor Nero Ríos came by our house and fixed the heaters Monday afternoon so we are no longer living like natives--with all heaters running, we are almost up to 67 degrees F. inside. 
  • We got a reprieve between storms and walked in shirtsleeves on Monday--you only need one beautiful, warm day every week to keep your spirits high! 
  • The mall was warm and empty--we walked to our hearts' content and resisted the urge to stop for a cheese and spinach crepe; but vowed to return at a later date.

Snow on the Toyota, Monterrey January 29, 2014
 Stay warm everyone, for the peaches are in bloom and there is a promise of spring in the air.


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