17 March 2013


There are numerous interesting critters that live amongst us here, some of which have become dear friends. Our most cherished feathered friend is an outcast, living a lonely life along the Silla Mountain River. He is surrounded by birds both "of a feather" and those different, but he is always separate from the main group. We have named him, Juan Salvador Garceta (Jonathan Livingston Egret).

We are inviting the grandchildren to try to match the critter pictures to their names (click on the photo and it will enlarge):

  1. Ants
  2. Burro
  3. Squirrel
  4. Tri-colored Heron
  5. Muscovy Duck
  6. Tarantula
  7. Goldfinch
  8. Rooster
  9. White-faced Ibis (3 pictures)
  10. Caterpillar
  11. Black Bear
  12. Snowy Egret (2 pictures)
  13. Black-crested Titmouse
  14. Great Egret















The photo of the black bear sign was taken at the university near our house that backs up onto the mountain wilderness. Apparently there are quite a number of them roaming the mountains here. The tarantula was wounded on the road to the park. Other pictures of miscellaneous birds were included to because of limitations of the phone camera. 

  1. Ants-D
  2. Burro-E
  3. Squirrel-A
  4. Tri-colored Heron-M
  5. Muscovy Duck-L
  6. Tarantula-B
  7. Goldfinch-O
  8. Rooster-C
  9. White-faced Ibis (3 pictures-F, H, N)
  10. Caterpillar-G
  11. Black Bear-I
  12. Snowy Egret (2 pictures-J, H)
  13. Black-crested Titmouse-P
  14. Great Egret-K

1 comment:

  1. We are shocked at the lack of critters we have seen here and we have walked in many places...a couple of lizards, very few birds, and 2 horses. Some very tiny ants invaded our bedroom sliding glass door and we hear from an English couple we meet on a trail we walk that there are rabbits but we haven't seen any. You can buy a dressed rabbit at the grocery store.