31 March 2013

Fire-roasted Kid

If you live in Nuevo Leon (the state wherein one finds Monterrey), you have to eat fire-roasted kid, or "cabrito" as it is called here. The Hernandezes took us on an adventure to various places in the city. They all had "cabrito" in common. We ended up eating at "The King of Kid." It is exactly what it sounds like--a place that serves hundreds of roasted baby goats to hungry "norteños" and tourists every day. We started at the market where they sell the freshly butchered kid and made our way to the restaurant downtown via open fruit markets, local souvenir shops, and the central wholesale market. 

Freshly butchered kid (baby goat)

Method of roasting kid and entrails over coals

The happy goat-eaters sampling various cuts of goat meat

The meat was tender, tasty and very mild. Served with melted cheese, fresh flour and corn tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, limes and three kinds of salsa--it was a pretty amazing meal. The restaurant is decorated with a variety of stuffed animals for your dining pleasure and photos of every important North American entertainer for the last 50 years. 

Several stuffed animal displays from "El Rey del Cabrito"

Just for show--they don't eat lion here. 

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  1. Does goat taste like cordero? Which I hate. I don't like sheep cheese either but we had some goat cheese at a restaurant recently that was good and very mild.