08 April 2013

Happy Birthday, Dear Elder...

Celebrating another year of life!

And may you have many, many more!

Update: Here is how the big day was celebrated in Monterrey

Yummy chocolate cake with nuts from the Jones'
Picanha Brazilian Restaurant . . .
. . . And the Brazilian Sizzling Platter for Two

Chicken mole with rice, Mexican birthday songs, and great stories at the Meneses


  1. Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend. We look forward to many fun days in the future with you and Linda.

  2. Happy Birthday Juanito! We tried to catch you on Skype tonight but you must have been working. We need to chat soon. Have a great one Bro!


  3. Happy Birthday to Elder John! Roark's is Tuesday. May the year to come be one of your best! Love from Melanie and all the Nevilles