21 April 2013

Santa Lucia Riverwalk (or Where is the Alligator?)

One of our next door neighbors once said, "Water is magic." The Santa Lucia Riverwalk truly is  "magic." It washes away cares, opens one's eyes to beauty, and creates deep gratitude for the miracle of God's creations. Welcome to a haven of peace and refuge. 

The Santa Lucia Riverwalk is patterned after the one in San Antonio, Texas. Monterrey boasts, however, that this man-made river is the longest in the world: 2.5 kilometers. It is full of fountains and water features that start before you even climb into the boat. Steps follow this waterfall up to the beginning of the river. The large bucket is from the original steel foundry nearby.

Stepped fountain

Foundry bucket fountain at the beginning of the Riverwalk
You catch the boats here at the Foundry Bucket Fountain and then take a leisurely 20 minute ride past sculptures, art, and water features. It finishes downtown in the museum, art and restaurant district. Any time during the day you can catch a return boat back to your car.

A Santa Lucia boat next to the "Needle"
Sculptures and foot bridges 
Pedestrian path that follows the river on both sides.
The police are always watching--this is an elevator surveillance vehicle.
Cleaning boat vacuuming the bottom of the river.
Fountain along wall...
...Being cleaned by these workers.
Some fountains are easier to clean than others.
Circular water feature in front of "the needle."
We floated under bridges...
Through tunnels . . . 
Alongside enticing sidewalk cafes...
...And famous local murals.
Past walls of water...
And behind this fountain, you disembark under the patio overhang.
At the end of the ride, you pass this sculpture--it hides a secret.
Can you see the alligator?
And then, of course, we did it all again in reverse. 

A magical, peaceful, serene day on the river!


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