19 May 2013

A new couple arrived this week, Arturo and Guadalupe Priego. They were originally called to serve in the Mexico City Temple, but just before they were to leave he had to have a six-way heart bypass.  He recovered in record time--only four weeks of therapy instead of eight. They were reassigned here and are so grateful that he is well and that they are able to still serve.  

Hermana and Elder Priego

They stayed with us one night while we helped find them an apartment and get them set up. What troopers they are! Our extra bedroom has no air con and it is now over 90 degrees on a daily basis. They just smiled, turned on a couple of fans and told us the next day that it was perfect--that they were actually cold when they woke up! 

We found them to be absolutely delightful people and are excited to have them "on the team." They are originally from Hermosillo, but they've lived in Provo for the past 20 years and have dual citizenship. They are parents of 8 kids. Hermana Priego raised her own children and then took over tending grandkids and great-grandkids while the parents worked. She says her job was to teach them Spanish and then they could go to school to learn good English. Consequently, it has been hard for her to be away, buy she is very happy working in the temple. Arturo retired from teaching in Mexico before they moved to the USA and then worked for NovaTek in Provo. We probably won't see a lot of them since they will be working the opposite shift from us and will attend a different ward nearer their apartment. They are very committed to their mission work. Prior to leaving, Arturo handed his bishop all of the necessary funds to cover his rent and utilities for the 18 months they will be here. That's commitment! We have had fun getting to know them and seeing their great love for our Heavenly Father.  

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  1. There are amazing seniors in the church. It is wonderful to be inspired by them.