19 May 2013

Back in the "Casa"

A Peek into the Last Two Weeks: 

Family, painting, parties, family, barbecue, ice cream, family, flowers, hugs & kisses--and did we mention family? 

XOXO to all who made it so memorable!

We were surprised as we boarded one of our flights to be greeted by Elder and Sister Christensen (who were over us in Mexico City) and Elder and Sister Bednar. They asked if we were coming or going to our mission--we explained that we were on "leave" while the temple was closed. While John picked up our bags, Sister Bednar found me and introduced herself. We had a short conversation about their trip and our work. In the last 12 days they had been in Bolivia, Columbia, and Peru--it had to be exhausting. As we parted she said,  "Enjoy your time with your grandchildren." 

We were so happy to be home for a few days, but are very content to be back at work and engaged in our service. It was great today to hear the reports of our ward's little choir for Ward Conference and how well they did. That was a fun project--finished up for us by our dear friends the Jones who took over as pianist and director in our absence. Thank you, dear hermanos. 

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