03 July 2013

For the Girls in the Family

Beautiful Temporal Temptations

There are many beautiful stores here in Monterrey--and my granddaughters and beautiful daughters would love them all!


This is the air conditioned mall we walk in when it is over 90 degrees. If we do a complete loop of the first and second floors, it is a mile. It is not quite like walking hills and we are plagued with five (yes, 5!) ice cream/yogurt stores along the route. We occasionally drift into the Liverpool department store to contemplate the cookie/candy display which is very tempting.  

Liverpool Department store at Valle Oriente Mall

Valle Oriente Mall first lap

This is the baptismal and First Communion clothes store--they just couldn't resist these tutus!

"Linda" means pretty--strictly nails.

El Palacio de Hierro

This is the Harrod's/Bon Marche of Mexico. The name means the Iron Palace. It is the priciest store in Mexico--so we grabbed our friends and went for a peek.

Palacio de Hierro in San Pedro, Nuevo Leon

One of many inviting restaurants

The following are fancy skirts for A.J.--the wedding planner and dress designer:

A little color from the mall:
Local interior design store--Janae will want to make these hand-knotted chairs!

Little dresses for my little girls!

And food--glorious food:
Mall food court: Arabic, Japanese, American, Italian, Greek and Mexican foods

Superama Food Store

After the mall, we popped into the local high-end food store over in the high-rent district. One of our local friends was having a birthday and has been trying to find poppy seeds for a recipe she wanted to replicate from the USA. We had heard that this store had an interesting cross-section of foods; and sure enough, they had not only poppy seeds, but poppy seed dressing, as well. We bought her both! Here are some of the things we saw at Superama:

All packaged meat is behind glass doors
Lovely array of fresh fish and sea food
Freshly made cactus and jalapeño flour tortillas--had to try!

And some of the most beautiful desserts you have ever seen:

Most of them are almost as good as they look! 


  1. Your photos are fabulous and fascinating!
    The colors are wonderful.
    I love the bright little girls' shop ;-D