16 July 2013

Humps, Bumps and Topes

"Hump days" come and go down here with frequency in the mission; but just for the record, ours was July 15th. There are daily reminders of the symbolism of this moment here in Monterrey with the mountains that surround us, the hills that we go over and around to cross the city, and the topes (speed bumps) that slow us down and remind us to enjoy the journey.

Elder Hoffman going over the tope (hump) on our way to walk in the park. This one has taken out many a biker and you can see the high centering effect on cars by the scrapes on the side of the "hill." There are 14 in the one-mile segment between our house and the main highway to the temple. 

Going over topes at the supermarket. These small, but treacherous, little metal half-circles really rattle your teeth.  

Sliding slowly over topes at the university near our house. These double as sidewalks for the students (clever little twist to road planning, no?). They are extremely tricky since you must go very, very slowly to avoid tearing up the bottom of your car, yet fast enough to actually make it over the very steep, wide hump. 

Avoiding the topes at Home Depot. These special little demons divide the parking stalls at Home Depot letting you know in no uncertain terms when you are encroaching on someone else's space. The goal here is to avoid stepping on one and twisting an ankle--especially delicate for those using the handicapped parking stalls. 

Wal-Mart topes can actually make the car airborne. Whatever you do, don't take them too fast! And don't be deceived by the seemingly benign second tope on the bottom--there is a two-inch loft before you hit the real part of the speed bump. Yes, the thrills never stop down here!

The last and greatest tope is La Silla Mountain. We walk along the base of this incredible mountain almost every day. Climbing to the top of it on our "hump day" would have been very symbolic; however, in 98 degree heat and lots and lots of humidity, probably not very smart for two old people. Therefore, we give you the photo and you can pretend we are up there on top. :-)

We have been on the upside of the hill for nine months. Now on the downside, we need to remember the words of Elder Holland to keep the momentum going until the very last hour of the very last day.


  1. Love the tope comparisons! Link

  2. We have those things here in the road also but they are a little more innocuous than yours. We are moving to a new city for our downhill. That should keep things exciting. Good analogy!