31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Yes, Halloween happens in Monterrey, too. In fact, the stores were filling up with Halloween treasures by the first part of September. Mexico has adopted some of our northern traditions to flesh out their three-day holiday called "Day of the Dead." This is what Halloween looks like here:

 In the Mall:

In the grocery store:

In the department stores:

And the blending of the two holidays--witches on the left and dressed skeletons (calaveras) on the right.

These skulls are made from sugar and are a favorite delicacy.

One of the local traditions is to write poetry about a person's life with a humorous twist. One of our friends, Jaime Meneses, wrote the following for us:

2 de Noviembre 2013 (Día de Muertos)

Ciudadanos del mundo fueron,
Por este México pasaron,
Gracia, simpatia e inteligencia
A su paso derramaron.

En su misión eclesiástica,
Con celestial música
A todo el Barrio Central,
Gozosos Hicieron Cantar.

Mas, a la muerte convencieron
Y ambos le prometieron,
Qe sólo con sus taladros,
Sus tumbas ellos cavaron. 

Very loosely translated it says that in our world travels we passed through Mexico with grace, kindness and intelligence (poetic license at its best!). On their mission they helped Central Ward sing celestially and then convinced "Death" that only with their drill bits would they dig their graves. 

For Halloween we said goodbye to the Machuca's (temple president and wife) and hello to the Albaradejos who are taking their place tomorrow (more on this later). We will celebrate the Day of the Dead tomorrow and Saturday working for our ancestors--a tradition that fits in perfectly with the real spirit of the Mexican holiday. 

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  1. There was a little Halloween here but not much. We saw a few kids on the street wearing plastic bags and painted faces on our way to the Ward Halloween party, attended by a few adults and 10 kids wearing simple costumes. A member of the ward started with reading the history of Halloween, probably from Wikipedia, for 10 minutes. The kids were sitting on the floor and before the long reading was over they were laying on the floor. They had a costume contest with prizes for all and some simple games. The treats were hot dogs, white cheetos, bananas made to look like ghosts and oranges made to look like pumpkins and some chocolate cookie bars I made and a lot of pop. It is amazing that real orange pumpkins don't exist here.