06 November 2013

Barrio Central (Central Ward)

Barrio Central has been very busy lately. The really big news is that the Primary program went off with only one minor hitch. One of the children, who was going to give a scripture and an Article of Faith, didn't show up; however, two other little girls, did show up. They came dressed for the program and fully expecting to participate, even though they hadn't attended for over six months. Our wonderful Primary President quickly rearranged everything and helped the two little girls give the scripture and Article of Faith that was assigned to the "no show." It is an adventure every week! 

Our Precious Primary Children

L-R: Isaac, José, Daleare, Dante, Walter--the heart and soul of our Primary
Back: Adám (only nursery age child), Hermanas Olga (counselor), Claudia (President), and Andrea (Secretary)
Front: Isaac, Walter, Dante, José, Daleare

Each of these children gave a scripture, an Article of Faith, and a five-minute talk. They were amazing and sang with the voices of angels. It never ceases to amaze me how it always comes together.


There have been about 4 baptisms in the last six weeks--all of them single adult men. The latest, Ivan, is from Cuba and is here working for the United Nations. Much of his income is sent back to Cuba to the government. He works a rotating schedule moving every year, usually to another country, where he implements social programs for the UN. 

While he was taking the lessons, his Cuban boss noted that he seemed different from before. Ivan told him that it was because he was studying with the Mormons. The boss replied, "They are part of the Imperialists, no?" Ivan laughed and said the Mormons were a worldwide religion and it was wonderful. Two weeks after his baptism, Ivan gave the lesson in Elders Quorum and thought it was the most incredible experience of his life.  

The Mission President and wife, Ivan, and our Elders

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