08 December 2013

Butterfly Migration and More

Mid-October to Mid-November is the time of the butterfly migration. They pass through nearby Estanzuela Park where favorite plants, bushes and trees have been planted for their feasting enjoyment. When we arrived in Monterrey last year, the air was teeming with butterflies--literally tens of thousands dancing around the beautiful blooms at the temple. This year, the weather has been colder and rainier;  but a few lovely friends survived, much to our delight.  (The noting of butterfly placement is for my benefit--I keep losing them--Linda). 

Butterfly pre-cursor

 Zebra Heliconian next to tiny white flower

Mazons Scallopwing, feasting on fushia

Arizona Sister Butterfly (Adelpha Eulalia)

Brown, long-tail butterfly, above.

Mimosa Yellow Sulphur butterfly feeding on purple flowers.

Monarch feeding on wild flowers
Chestnut Crescent butterfly above the red flowers--about 1-½ inch across. 
White Falcate Orangetip butterfly in center.

Unidentified, but still looking...

Butterfly to right of large leaf--about 1-inch wingspan (above and below)
Butterfly to left of green and yellow leaf

Black butterfly with yellow edges.

Brown butterfly with yellow spots on small green leaves.

Rust-colored butterfly in upper left quadrant.
Rust and white butterfly near center. 

Brown butterfly lower left, Black with Yellow and White top, center. 
Three butterflies: Brown at 7:30, black and gold at 10:00, and black and yellow at 1:30. 

Tan moth--I think

…And more from Estanzuela Park

One small, lonely frog:

One large, poisonous millipede (Narceus americanus, about five-inches long):

A plethora of beautiful plants:

And a few other lovely things: 

This became a raging river that took out roads and bridges during the hurricane.

Note Cacti on the roof

The walking path into Parque Estanzuela with Sierra Madre mountains in background.

Truly worth a little side trip to Monterrey!


  1. Oh so lovely! Loved the cacti on the roof, the beautiful walking path, and the rock arches, as well as the butterflies ;-D