22 December 2013

Christmas Churros

December is all about churros here in Monterrey--crispy, long pieces of fried dough rolled in sugar! They are everywhere during December and we never pass up an opportunity for a taste test. This are the step-by-step instructions of how they are made:

Step #1--Fill the churro press with dough made from flour, salt and water.
Step #2--Brace the press against your chest and press the dough out into a perfect circle into a vat of hot oil.
Step #3--Stop adding dough to the oil when it is within 1-inch of the side of the vat. 
Step #4--Cook slowly until nicely browned on the bottom.
Step #5--Turn carefully using two long, stiff wires. 
Step #6--When thoroughly cooked, remove from vat to cool--do NOT drop it! 
Step #7--Cool slightly on metal tray and then quickly chop into ten-inch lengt
Step #8--Roll each churro in sugar (cover hand with plastic bag for hygienic purposes), place in paper bags,
collect money, and watch with delight as the customers come back for more.
 Cost to the consumer is about 40 cents/churro--worth every penny! 


  1. They dip them in thick hot chocolate here. It is the only way!

  2. Love those chocolate and churros!