03 February 2013

Hermana Ester

Our little ward has been busy preparing people to go to the temple. The Relief Society president (María) and her first counselor (Ester) went through two weeks ago. The ward secretary and his wife are going through this weekend. The day after Ester went through the temple she shared some thoughts about her experience in sacrament meeting. She said that she has been very happy in the church during the last year-plus that she has been a member, but worried that she might not stick with it. In the back of her mind she always thought that some day she might leave this church as she had done with others. She explained that she would always hear people at church say they "knew" the church was true and that she couldn't say that. She said, "I believed it was true and liked how I felt at church, but I didn't 'know' like the other members and that bothered me." Then she squared her shoulders and looked out over the congregation and continued, "Hoy, estoy de fiesta (today, I am celebrating). After my time in the temple yesterday, I can now say that I know that this is the true church. I know that Jesus Christ is the head of this church and that everything I have learned about the scriptures and the gospel is true. I now know that I will never turn away. How grateful I am for the temple!" Those who heard her also know that she knows--her conviction and testimony touched us all.

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