17 February 2013


Our first Sunday in Barrio Central we sat behind Nicolasa during Sunday School. She is originally from Puebla and encircles you in love from the first hello. Nicolasa was sitting next to another sister, who shortly into the Sunday School class turned to Nicolasa and asked for her scriptures. Nicolasa, who is a very gentle person, graciously handed over her scriptures. The other sister looked up the scripture that she was interested in and then continued to use Nicolasa's scriptures for the rest of the class, ignoring the fact that now Nicolasa couldn't follow the lesson. When we realized that Nicolasa wasn't going to get her scriptures back, we passed her one of ours and we shared. At the end of the meeting, the other sister nonchalantly handed the scriptures back to Nicolasa without so much as a smile or a thank you. When Nicolasa returned our scriptures after the meeting, I told her that she was one of the kindest and most charitable people I had ever met to so willingly and patiently let someone else use her scriptures when she wanted so much to follow the teachings of the class herself. That experience bonded us totally and now we can't wait to see each other every Sunday.  

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