01 February 2013

La Fuerza Civil (Super Police!)

La Fueza Civil is the state of Nuevo Leon's version of a super police force. The direct translation is "Civil Forces" and is described as a "new force of heroes made up of valiant, intelligent young men and women who are prepared to protect the most precious thing: the security and tranquility of the family."   They are a powerful presence in the city patrolling neighborhoods, highways and shopping centers and are often on the side of the road pulling cars over to check for who knows what. Most of the time they are wearing the face masks to prevent the bad guys from finding out who they are. 

Christmas Patrol at Walmart & Sam's Club

Fuerza Civil at our Supermarket

The trucks are the most frequently seen, but they also patrol on foot in the downtown area. The trucks always have one person driving and two to three riding standing up in the back with their machine guns. You really don't want to mess with these kids. 

So, besides these high visibility troops, there is also a State police force, a police force for Monterrey City, and the army of the country. They are very serious about returning Nuevo Leon to it's "glory days" of peace and prosperity. 

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  1. Something about all those police toting big guns is unnerving, but I am glad they are doing something to hide their identity. I think police are a big target in Mexico, yes? 2 days and we will be gone.