03 June 2013

Geezers: Monterrey Style

Last week we were doing our weekly shopping at the local HEB supermarket. It is a Texas store and offers some of the delicacies from home that help us survive here: Thomas English Muffins, Smucker's Grape Jelly, Magnum Bars, French's Mustard, etc.

While we were wandering around the store searching for international surprises, John spotted a large group of elderly gentlemen sitting in the cafeteria off to one side. He stopped me, and pointing to the men said, "Those are geezers! I'm going over to introduce myself." And off he went to meet the gentlemen. Before I knew it, he was sitting with them talking about the genealogy caves in Utah and who knows what else. Apparently they meet there every day and he is now invited to join them whenever he can. They were delighted to have their photos taken with this crazy gringo geezer*.

HEB Viejitos (Geezers)
*For those of you that do not know, John was the "Geezer Leader" of a group from our neighborhood that has been meeting for lunch every Tuesday for several years now. They are carrying on under new leadership in his absence--however, I sense that it is about to become an international organization.

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  1. Here I thought John had started a new group with members there. Turns out he can make it a mission opportunity!