05 June 2013

More Hermanas Misoneras

Saturdays are always full of unexpected events, but last Saturday was one of the best. We had a surprise encounter from one of our Hermanas from the Visitors' Center in Mexico City. I was standing in the hall waiting for the session to start when I saw a familiar face. What a scene when Hermana Hoffman and Hermana Delgado recognized each other and fell laughing and crying (very reverently) into one another's arms! John happened by and got to say hello and give her a big hug as well. 

She is from Gomez Palacio--”Very close,” she says--"Only about four hours away." Her ward boarded the bus about midnight so they could be at the temple for the first session at 6:00 a.m. We reconnected several times during the morning and each time was sweeter than the last. We learned that she is now married and the mother of two little girls, two and four years old. She is beautiful and full of light--she is still a missionary in every sense of the word. 

That, however, was not the only joyful surprise of the day! As Hermana Delgado was saying good-bye to me at about 1:00 in the afternoon, a sister in front of us heard us talking and turned around. It was another missionary sister from the Visitors' Center, Hermana Rodriguez, who lives here in Monterrey. She and Hermana Delgado were companions and hadn't seen each other in years. 

Some groups of missionaries are very special and we used to call these sisters "las poderosas" (the powerful ones). What a joyful reunion to be part of that love and goodness again. I imagine the joy we felt as we reunited with these sweet "daughters" again, is very much like what our Heavenly Father must feel when he welcomes one of His own back into his arms. 

Hermana Delgado

Hermana Rodriguez

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