11 June 2013


Perhaps we are not busy enough because Linda has begun a collection of surnames that are new to us, even after living in Latin America for more than 15 years. It appears that most of them are Basque (from Spain). There is a lot of Spanish influence here in both the architecture and the food--far more than we have seen in other parts of Latin America.   

So for those of you that like language twists and trivia, here are the names:

  1. Illescas (Eeyeskas)
  2. Xique (Sheekee)
  3. Lubiano
  4. Llaguno (Jaguno)
  5. Exena (Exzena)
  6. Galavíz
  7. Ruvalcabas
  8. Arizpe
  9. Galarza
  10. Moncalvo
  11. Sustoita
  12. Arredondo
  13. Avitia
  14. Olazabál
  15. Orijuela (Oreehuela)
  16. Delvál (short "e" short "a")
  17. Olazarán
  18. Grajedo
  19. Estopellán
  20. Carvajál
  21. Iviana 
  22. Davalos
  23. Oviedo

1 comment:

  1. One of our JAS kids moved here from Mexico when he was small. His last name is Illescas.