16 November 2012

Monterrey is Mountains

11 November 2012

Monterrey compared to Mexico City is:
and Warmer--Although it was about 75 when we arrived, today it is pushing to 90 degrees. They say that winter is in January and it will get cold. Parkas are being sold everywhere, so it must be true!

Monterrey is apparently the home of a wide variety of butterflies--big ones, small ones, and miniature ones barely 1/2 inch across. Apparently we just missed the season when they were as plentiful as gnats--but, of course, much more beautiful.

The mountains here are breath-taking! They ring the city like a huge crown surprising your eyes with the asymmetrical patterns jabbing straight up into the sky. We live near the most important mountain in the city, “La Silla” (the seat or saddle). One of our favorite walks is along the river “La Silla” which skirts the base of the mountain giving us wonderful views of Monterrey’s giant sentinels. 

La Silla Mountain

Mountain Range toward the West 

 Mountains behind the Temple across from La Silla

The only signs of the trouble down here are the military vehicles that patrol the city. It is usually a convoy of three vehicles with three to five heavily armed soldiers riding in the back flashing their machine guns around. Occasionally they will be on the side of the road checking vehicles, but so far they have just waved us on by. Things seem to be pretty calm (at least as compared to our time in Chile) but there are parts of the city where missionaries are not allowed to teach and we are cautioned to not wander the mountains nor be out at night. We will be content with the public parks when they are full of people. 

We had a funny experience last week. There is a road that runs above our house that has a 1.4 mile walking trail along it. We were up there walking one morning, and John decided to stop a man on the street and ask him how to get to the river. He said, “Are you the new missionaries at the temple?” Surprised, we told him that we were. He is the brother-in-law to the woman whose house we are renting. He noticed my missionary tag and put two and two together. He walked us down to the river and showed us the walking trail--sending us off with a promise to see us at church. 
The temple here is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen. It is full of thick dark wood trim that shoots 40 feet into the air in some places. The stained glass windows, the tile floors, and the furniture have a repeating pyramid design that is very intricate and beautiful. The furniture is covered with detailed carving which in several rooms changes the theme from the dark wood to a blonde wood. It is impossible to describe--beautiful, stunning, exquisite just don’t do it justice. The quality and workmanship rival anything in Brigham City's temple. 

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