19 November 2012

Local stuff

Greetings, blogger audience. You may not hear a great deal from me, but I will try and give it a periodic go. We were able to visit Old Monterrey this afternoon for some tacos and a look-see. Monterrey is an interesting city. Linda has shown you some of the scenery. The city had a hurricane event a few years back, so the city is still in the "put-back-and-restore/replace-mode." It is a very picturesque place with lots of hills and surrounding mountains.

We have attended just one ward here so far. It is across the street in the temple compound, and is called the Campestre Ward. We will probably look for a more needy ward to attend, probably down in the city, after the temple break which starts next week and runs for two weeks. This ward is at least 6 pianists deep, "pianists" being the equivalent of the Bic-Mac purchase price parity tool used to determine a country's economic development stage. In other words, they don't need us very badly.

We enjoy our work each day at the temple. It is wonderful to see how the temple serves to help develop a person's perspective on life and what's important.

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