25 November 2012



Near the end of our shift Saturday, John came to get me from the laundry room where I was helping “for a surprise.” After waiting in the foyer for a few minutes, a tall good looking young man came out of the dressing room and walked over to us. He introduced himself as Carlos Morales, from Puebla, Mexico. Our nephew, Elder Lea Williams, had served in his ward and they had become friends. Carlos decided to move up to el norte (the North) to Saltillo and and told Lea that his temple would be Monterrey. Elder Williams told him to watch for his aunt and uncle, the Hoffmans, who would be serving in that temple. Carlos started checking name tags and found John after the session. He loves Elder Williams deeply and was so happy to find someone else that loved him as well.

As we were talking, a lovely young woman named Mirna Garcia came up to our group. Apparently, she was the reason for his move to Saltillo. She served a mission in Puebla where they became acquainted. After her mission, they began to correspond and voilá, they will be married in March. 

By the way, welcome home Elder Williams--just in time for a real American Thanksgiving spread!


Saturday’s are always long days because many stakes and wards come by the bus load to serve in the temple. This Saturday was very busy because it was the last day before the two week temple closure. We began our shift at 12:30 and finished at 8:30. The Torres family, from our ward, invited us to stop by for a bite to eat after we got off. What a spread! They had fresh corn tortillas, grilled t-bone steak cut up for tacos, quesadillas, fresh guacamole, buttered potatoes, grilled green onions, yummy salsa and, of course, limes. We were so hungry and it tasted so good! Brother Torres said, “Nothing tastes as good as food after a long day in the temple.” That may be true, but that food would have been good any time! 

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