26 November 2012

Thanksgiving a Few Days Late

Some things are easier in Mexico than others. Quesadillas are easy. Pies are not. Tortillas are easy. Hot rolls are not. Jalapeños are easy. Sage is not. The list could go on and on, but the beauty of today was that everyone did something that was not easy and we ended up with a real Thanksgiving dinner. We gave thanks, laughed, cried, learned and ate like crazy Americans. It was a great day and we are very thankful to have these good people on every side helping us along the way. The Swapp's are presiding over the Mexico Monterrey West Mission. Morris' are teaching English in the Institute. Lillywhite's are the office couple. Jone's are in the Temple Presidency. And you know the rest. 

One interesting story that came from our gathering today. As a child I attended West Bountiful Elementary School. My principal was Morris Swapp, who later became the Mayor of Bountiful. President Swapp is his son. Another small world encounter. 

Front L-R: Hermanas Swapp, Morris, Lillywhite, Jones
Back L-R: President Swapp, Elders Morris, Lillywhite, Jones , Hoffman

Thanksgiving tables at the Hoffman's set with king-size sheets for tablecloths, tissue paper for color, and center pieces and napkins from previous missionaries. The mismatched glasses and silverware left from years of missionaries don't look so bad if you don't look too closely. The decorations were discovered in a box marked: Cindy and Ed Spencer. They served a medical mission in Mexico City when we were there and apparently had been in Monterrey before that.

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